As a Company we work with the Tolaram Foundation in Estonia to support programs that provide opportunities for youth, and in particular, for children with special needs. We aim to provide positive experiences that help them to excel in school, engage with their communities, and to develop leadership skills.

We understand that each community where we operate is unique. The company also encourages local volunteerism by providing charitable gifts to organizations where employees volunteer. At Top Connect, our reputation is built on our legacy of service – service to our clients, service to our team and service to our community.



In Latvia, as CSC Telecom, we are proud sponsors of the Dienvidu Motorparks enduro team, one of the top 3 teams in the country. We are looking forward to helping a new generation of Latvian motorsport talent develop.

Dienvidu Motorparks

Top Connect also supports the Estonian football club Levadia and volleyball club TEFA.

Levadia and volleyball TEFA