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We are always looking to bring talented and team oriented people into our business. We want people with a desire to expand their career, work as part of a team and have a passion to make a difference. We are always happy to hear from enthusiastic, committed and ambitious people looking to join us.

We invite you to contact us, tell us a little about yourself, your experiences, education, and directional drive. Come and share with us your knowledge, while learning from some of the most talented professionals this industry has to offer. We look forward to welcoming you in any one of our office locations and expanding our TopConnect team with new diverse talent.

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Top Connect offers telecommunication services using the newest technological advances in the telecommunication sphere as well as knowledge gained from extensive research into clients' needs. The range of Top Connect services will satisfy the needs of any enterprise. Besides communications, the company offers a multifaceted range of services, starting from an analysis of clients' needs and consultations, to telecommunication network design and systems...

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